About Us
Young’s Fine Art Ltd is an England-based Art company established in 2012. Our aim is to bridge the gap between Chinese collectors and the global Chinese art market. Our goal is to deliver valuable global market information in order to locate art, provide an efficient business transaction and ship the items in a risk-free environment. Our experienced team is always on hand, should there be any queries about this process.


We have built a strong team using exceptional management in order to promote a high quality service. Each member of our team is highly motivated by their passion for their individual fields, ensuring a strong foundation for the company.
If you would like to join us, please send your CV to admin@youngsfineart.co.uk

Our Team

Sunny Zhang
As a young, fast-growing company, we devoted to delivery excellent services through our passionate team.
Eric Yang
Young's Fine Art, created from perseverence and dedication to the arts and the highest quality client service, is determined to bring a fresh wave to the world of fine arts. There is no deterrent in our way to success.
Young's services help clients to make headway in the constantly evolving Asian art market.
The best thing about Young's Fine Art is you are constantly learning: from your clients, from your colleagues, and from the constantly evolving art market around you.